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Poori is an Indian deep fried savory bread which is puffed during the frying process. The puffed appearance not only gives pretty look to it  but also further cooks the dough and at the same time retains the softness of the bread through the steam trapped inside. The outer layer has crispiness given by the added rava or semolina and the inner part is soft and chewy. There aren't any special ingredients used to elevate the dish but I'm only sharing the recipe with the viewers. The right consistency of the dough will allow the poori to puff or else it will only turn to be a flat bread. The dough should not be too watery or too hard. Practise makes perfect and the quality of atta or whole wheat flour is also crucial for crispy and soft bread. The poori is best served with potato masala or potato kurma.


Ingredients :

Homemade atta flour or whole wheat flour : 1 1/2 cups
Rava or semolina : 2 tbsp
Hot oil : 1/2 tbsp
Salt : as needed
Water : as needed (I don't want to give the water measurement as different type of flour may absorb water more or less)
Oil : enough for deep frying


1. Sift flour in a wide bowl and mix the rest of the ingredients as well including 1 tbsp of hot oil with enough water to form slightly stiff dough but not too hard and dry.

2. Pinch a small ball of a size of medium lime and using rolling pin and board, roll it into a small disk with even surface of not so thin or thick. You may dust a little whole wheat flour for dusting the board in order to prevent the poori from clinging to the board but don't too much flour as the poori may not puff up.

3. You need to fry one poori at a time on a medium flame. Make sure there is enough oil for deep frying in the pan and the oil is hot enough for frying those pooris. Lightly drizzle the hot oil from the pan over the poori while frying to encourage poori to puff and float above the oil. Turn to the other side for a few minutes and remove the poori to a plate laid with oil absorb paper.

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