Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Gooseberry Juice - Mulu Nellikai Juice

Looking for thirst quenching and yet refreshing healthy beverage to drink. Here is Gooseberry juice that is full of vitamin C that increase your immune system or I should say it's your immune booster during this pandemic. I like to add Vellam/ Jaggery/ brown sugar to sweeten the tartness in the juice. 

Gooseberry Juice - Mulu Nellikai Juice


Big Gooseberry - 1
Water - 1 cup
Vellam/ Jaggery/ brown sugar as per your taste


1. First wash the Gooseberry in turmeric and salt water to clean any dirt. 

2. Deseed and chop the Gooseberry into small pieces, and then add to the blender jar.

3. Give a blend with a cup of water. 

4. Strain the juice with a filter to remove the pulp.

5. Now you have clear juice that you can sweeten up with Vellam/jaggery/brown sugar.

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